Learning to Scan the Heart

Welcome to this site. This is here to support those learning undertake basic echocardiography and as a reference for learners.

Echocardiography is not an easy skill and requires a combination of nerdy technical ability, understanding of physics, understanding of physiology and the ability to put a series of 2D images together into a 3D picture in your head. You also need to be able to deal with imperfect pictures and poor teachnical views. And then get some experience so you know what is and isn’t normal.

These pages are not exhaustive, nor are they accredited, so please don’t use these as a legal ‘this is how it must be done’ dictat. Instead use, be advised, and weigh up what you see here.

The most important thing for learning echo is just to do a lot of scans! Let’s get cracking.

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