Documenting your Echo’s


Hopefully your notes are in better shape than this. What is expected and is medicolegally sensible is also useful for other practitioners later. It will of course not always follow the order you actually do the echo in, but will avoid missed items.

Comment on technical aspects if problematic (eg poor windows, restless patient)

1          Situs and connections of veins and arteries. ?effusion

2          Pulsatility of Aorta, filling of IVC

3          Filling of atria, PFO/ASD

4          Inlet valves – thickness, movement, presence of MR/TR

5          MR/TR jet max velocity, e/a ratio

6          Ventricular size, gross function, FS%

7          VSD presence

8          Outlet valves – thickness, movement, presence of AR/PR

9          AR/PR max velocity, velocity just beyond AV and PV (forward flow)

10       ?PDA, branch PA flow

11       Aorta size and max velocity around L Subclavian exit point.

If the echo is being done for a reason, please comment at this stage eg – no features pulmonary HT; Impaired systolic function (mild), and suggest plan (eg repeat, reduce noradrenaline)

For ?hypertrophic CM then full LA dimensions are needed.

For ?endocarditis, specific comments on valves are needed.

For ? Kawasaki, comment and measure the coronaries.

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